Air Dome Structures For Soccer

What Is An Air Dome Structure?

An air dome structure, also referred to as an air-supported structure, dome, or bubble, is a unique system in which higher air pressure within the dome supports the whole structure. In this system, air will constantly cycle into the structure in order to maintain the higher air pressure inside the structure. Technology seen in these air dome structures to maintain the pressure is specifically designed airlocks that also allow for easy access into the dome itself. Common access points for domes include airlocks for pedestrians free of barriers, vehicle airlocks for equipment and other maintenance, as well revolving doors.

In order for the structure to remain grounded, since the pressure going upwards is significant, the membrane of the structure is anchored to a concrete beam around the perimeter of the area. The weight of the concrete as well as the friction from the soil provides resistance against the uplifting pressure from the inflation of the dome.

Why Choose A Dome?

An air-supported structure offers not only a lower cost to a traditional building, but also the best cost for a soccer dome. This ensures teams can play soccer all year round without fear of stopping because of some rain or other environmental factors that would normally cancel an outdoor game or practice quite quickly. The specialized materials and overall systems helps to ensure the creation of a consistent climate inside the dome, regardless of the weather conditions on the outside.

What Are They Made Of?

Each air dome structure is made of many layers of fabrics. The outside layer is created using a vinyl coated polyester fabric that meets a high architectural grade. The purpose of this particular layer is to provide strength, which is achieved through welded seams enhancing the strength beyond the fabric itself.

The inside layer of a dome is a liner intended to improve the dome’s acoustic and thermal qualities. This layer will help maintain the temperature (cool or warm) within the dome, regardless of the climate outside. If necessary, a dome can also have an additional layer for insulation, which would be in between the insider liner layer and the outside polyester layer, to increase energy efficiency.