Job Hunters: You Should Get Your Health and Safety Certificate. Here’s Why

Throughout your career (and the other little jobs you do before and during your career), you will likely have opportunities to participate in a workplace health and safety committee.

It’s rarely mandatory, and rarely all that exciting. Most people would never think it’s worth the time it takes to get your health and safety certificate (unless you’re a supervisor or someone else in charge of safety.)

But you should do it anyway.


Ever thought of getting your health and safety certificate? Here’s why you should.

  1. It could help your job search. Serving your fellow workers on a health and safety committee shows initiative; it tells prospective employers you’re willing to put in the time and effort to learn something new.
  2. It’s free knowledge. If you do join the committee, your employer has to make sure you get your health and safety certificate in some cases, and they’re the ones who foot the bill. Who would pass up the opportunity for free training?
  3. It’s a transferrable skill. Health and safety certification has two components. The first part is general learning about workplace safety issues that apply across all different types of workplaces; the second is specific to your current employment. While part two may not be relevant to your next job, the first part will be.

The worst that can happen is that it’s boring. Chances are, your job is a bit boring anyhow. Who wouldn’t enjoy a temporary change of scenery?

Plus, you could discover a hidden love for the workplace safety regime. There’s a lot of opportunity to be found for someone who has the skills to train others in the art of preventing on-the-job mishaps. I’m talking government pensions, here.

It’s worth getting WHIMIS training, too

WHIMIS is another valuable thing to know as a job hunter. It’s not just for laboratories and workplaces that handle hazardous materials. WHIMIS is important just about everywhere, even in white collar office jobs (which will at the very least have cleaning materials around). Depending on your preference, you can take a course for WHIMIS certification and in classroom settings.

WHIMIS doesn’t take long to learn. Since you can get WHIMIS certification online and in class, you can do it on your own time if you choose.

Looking for Inspiration for Your Writing? Try These Suggestions

Writing is not an automatic process even for the most experienced scribes. Inspiration is there in abundance on some days, and almost completely absent on others. It would be nice to have a steady, dependable stream of great ideas and witty repartee, but there are no guarantees.

That said, you can try the following when you find yourself running short on inspiration:


We engage in a great deal of small talk most days, the majority of it forgettable and unimportant at best. However, a really neat idea can sometimes arise from the most banal of exchanges. Don’t shut down; strike up a conversation with that interesting looking stranger.


Reading other people’s work can help a lot. By that, we don’t mean steal ideas; the idea is that your brain becomes stimulated by literature that you find intriguing and rewarding, and that helps to reawaken your own creativity.


Listening to music is another way to get yourself going again. It acts as both a welcome distraction from writer’s block and a wonderful stimulant for creative thought and expression.


You don’t have to head to the other side of the planet to find your muse; even a trip into the country can help to clear your head and get some new ideas percolating.

Write Down Your Dreams

I can never seem to remember my dreams, which is a shame as some of them seem widely creative as they unfold. Keep a pen and paper or a voice recorder near your bed and make note of some of the more unique and just plain weird things that happen during both your dreams and nightmares. Your brain might just be trying to tell you something.

Search Online

Know what you want to write about, but are not sure how to get started? Enter that subject into a search engine and see what comes out. You might just be surprised.