How Often Should a Blog Be Updated?

The internet initially seemed like one of those inventions that would only be used by a niche audience. However, as the ‘90s wore on, more and more people saw just what an amazing source of information and entertainment it could be.

Businesses saw advantages. If they set up their own website, they could do as much advertising as they wanted for almost no cost. Initially, most firms just put up pages that had a few photos and contact information. However, as more and more people got online, the incredible potential to reach huge numbers meant that companies got more ambitious and creative.

The average person also discovered that blogging provided them with the possibility of a huge forum for their writings, opinions, art, etc. Businesses also began to do some interesting things with their own blogs, using this method of delivery as a way of reeling in customers without necessarily hitting them with the hard sell.

Both individuals and companies probably wonder about how often they should update their sites with new material. Here are some hints…


Google is easily the world’s largest search engine, and everyone wanting to be noticed strives to rank highly in their search results. While various factors come into play, one of the most important when it comes ranking is having an active blog. Put simply: the more often you post, the more Google will notice you. That greatly increases your chances of ranking well.

You may do excellent work, but if you only post new blogs every once in a while, you will get lost in the shuffle.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Standing out is especially important for businesses. Depending on what you do, there could be a multitude of competition out there. Regularly producing fun and informative posts is not only a good way to attract new customers, it also helps you to look more appealing than the competition.

Recurring Events

Does your blog include recurring events as part of its theme? Then regular posts are an absolute must. If you make this your beat, you must live up to that responsibility or risk losing your regulars. That will decrease your search rankings and make it less likely that potential followers will connect with you.