How to Handle the End of a Friendship

Friendships are an important part of anyone’s life. While we may be especially close to our parents and siblings, friendship can sometimes provide an even greater level of trust and satisfaction. Thus, when a close friendship ends, it can be quite devastating.

Have you recently experienced the end of a friendship and are having trouble getting back on your feet? Here are some tips on how you can find closure and move on with your life.

Accept That It is Over

Friendships end for quite a few reasons, some of them very hard to understand. However, if a friend has chosen to stop contact with you, it is usually best to respect their wishes. You may find no logic in their reasoning, but this may be a route they have chosen because they don’t want to give you the true reason. Whatever the case, continuing to push the issue long after they have stated their desire serves no purpose.

People Change

Sometimes friendships end because the bond that generated just isn’t there anymore. When that happens, the mutual benefits also end and a friendship may continue to just limp along on fumes. Better to put an end to it at that point, rather than pretend that there is still something there.

Put Your Pain on Paper

Write your former friend a letter expressing everything you wanted to say about the situation and never got a chance. Then take the letter and throw it in the garbage or put it away in a drawer. Only you should ever see it.

Put Away Memories of Them

If you find it painful to have pictures of your former friend, or objects they gave you, on view, put them all away. Hold off on throwing them out, however; these might be memories that mean a lot to you sometime down the road.