Importance Of Maintaining A Balanced Diet For Children

healthNowadays, it seems like there’s more of a struggle to maintain a healthy and balanced diet especially for children.  Although the health kick trend has been growing more and more popular, it often does not get to many communities that have the lack of resources and knowledge to understand these trends.  Instead, they continue to purchase foods that are extremely unhealthy for their kids due to their lack of resources.  We need to help support and collaborate with each other to help aid these communities in providing more knowledge in the foods they’re putting into their system.

A great way to implement a healthy guide is to first get these kids to track down what they eat in a food and nutrition diary.  Through this, we can help them keep track of what are good foods to continue eating and what is actually harming their bodies.  A good tracking system in a diary can make a huge impact on a kid’s diet.  Think of all those apps that track calories and fitness steps.  This is similar but also makes the child accountable for what they’re intaking.

To first implement this process, we need to create a template diary for tracking your food.  The easier this template is, the more likely a child will fill it in every day or even after every meal.  After showing them what is healthy to eat and what isn’t, our hope is that the child will slowly be able to determine for themselves what they should be eating.  Through a steady incline of food knowledge, our goal is that the child will eventually know the stats of everything they’re eating.  Soon, they should be able to determine the difference between healthy foods and non-healthy foods.

This system, if implemented, will definitely help guide not just kids but full communities to maintain a healthier and balanced diet.  To also include in the tracking diary, we can create a template for exercise and other forms of activities that may help a person with their fitness plan.  Eventually this may even serve as a foundation for people who want to start a health kick for themselves!