You Can Make Spare Time Pay Off

It seems like many of us have little spare time these days, so wouldn’t it be nice if we took advantage of the extra time we do have? Spare time should mean more than just lying in bed and binge watching Netflix.

Here are some ways in which you can make that spare time pay off for you:

Plan Your Attack

Chances are there are some things around the house that need doing. Look around and make a list. That way, when any extra time does become available, you will know exactly what to do and get right on it.

Get Some Exercise

Few of us get as much exercise as we should each week, so why not work on your health? Staying healthy is key to both a long life and doing better everyday. Even if it is just going for a walk, get up and get moving for at least a half hour daily. Periodically moving around is especially important if you have a sedentary job that finds you mostly sitting at a desk.

Work on Your Computer

When is the last time you emptied the cache on your computer or de-fragged it? Chances are your desktop could use reorganizing, not to mention your email account. Take some time to get your computer in working order and this will save you time when you are busy and rushing deadlines.

Work on Your Résumé

You can be perfectly happy in your job, but that is no reason not to be keep your résumé complete and up to date. You never know when you might want or need to change your job. Also, it’s very good to have a correct résumé up on LinkedIn, in case a prospective employer scouts you and decides that your credentials would be a good fit.